In July 2017, the Telecommunications Act was revised in Germany, so that all mobile customers need to register their new prepaid SIM card in person.

We made it easy for you to register. All you need is your SIM and a valid form of identification (identity card or passport).

How to register:

    You will register your identification securely using WebID. Please ensure you have all valid ID documents prior to starting the process. You can find a list of valid ID documents here.
    • Personnel ID
    • nPA (new Personal ID)
    • Passport

    To ensure your SIM card is activated immediately, please complete the registration process in one session. For all questions concerning the registration process, please contact Customer Services on 323 from Lycamobile or 069 1200 7322 from another phone.

    1. Take note of your SIM card number (ICCID), found on the back of your SIM card
    2. Insert your SIM card into your phone. You will receive your mobile number via SMS.
    3. Enter your Lycamobile number and last four digits of your SIM card number in the fields below.
1 Lycamobile Account Edit
*This is a mandatory field
  • Mobile Number
  • SIM Puk code
      "Please enter PUK number"
  • Enter last 4 digits of SIM Number
      "Please enter ICCID number"
At a retail point

Data security

Remember, your data is safe. It is protected under BDSG (the Federal Data Protection Act) and will be stored securely in the Lycamobile database.