Please read the below instruction before start your SIM registration

  • New German anti-terrorism regulations require the secure identification of all SIM-card users prior to activation of all new SIM-cards..
  • Note your SIM number (ICCID) printed on the back of your SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM card into your mobile device. You will receive your mobile number via SMS.
  • Enter your Lycamobile number and SIM card Number in the fields below.
  • Now start your identification process simply via online identity with WebID. Please ensure to have a valid ID document ready prior to starting the process.
  • Please note that online identification is only available to a restricted number of ID documents. Acceptable Documents
    • Personnel ID, nPA (new Personnel ID)
    • Passport
  • To activate your SIM card immediately, make sure to complete the registration process in one session , with yourcorrect personal data for verification with WebID. For all questions concerning the new registration process please refer to our Lycamobile customer support.
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  • SIM Puk code
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  • Enter last 4 digits of SIM Number
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